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How to make your wall stronger


  1. Wall lay out, fix wall dowel bar diameter 6 mm. steel in column or floor. Make sure that column are fixed, cannot move.
  2. Cleaning, floor, column, C-Lite Block and moisten on floor column and block.
  3. Use string for control line, plump and level of wall work.
  4. Use coarse sand mortar, ratio of cement : coarse sand, 1 : 3 to 1 : 6 + mortar plasticizer for block masonry.
  5. Leave mortar settlement and curing with eater around 7 days.
  6. Mark level of wall plaster, clean and moisten well before plaster.
  7. Standard thickness of wall plaster around 1 to 1.5 cm. should be device plastering in two layers.
  8. First layers of plastering with coarse sand mortar, ratio of cement : coarse sand 1:3 to 1 : 6 + mortar plasticizer, leave mortar settlement around 3 days or more.
  9. Moisten first layer and finish second layer plastering with fine sand mortar, ratio of cement : fine sand, 1:3 to 1 “ 6 +mortar plasticizer.
  10. Use lintel at open wall or every 8 sq.m. of wall area.
  11. Use wire mesh (chicken wire) at column and/or wall joint.
  12. Use river clean and  fresh water only.
  13. Don’t plaster in direct sun because wall loose water very fast that make it crack.
  14. Don’t use dirt sand sometime mortar cannot use and loose more cement.