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C-Lite Block


Welcome to C-Lite

          C-Lite Co.,Ltd. has been found on May 30 th 2003 with a group of engineer, architect and businessman  and officially registered on August 30th 2004.

          Being involve in manufacturing building material and construction for over 30 years, we realized that the benefit of using the light-weight concrete in building construction is tremendous and the advantage is greater.

          We did some research and study in the field of light- weight concrete until we found out that the CLC System with the technology from Germany is one of the best and appropriate system to produce lightweight  concrete. 

          So we took the technology from Germany to start manufacture in Thailand.

          The Light-weight concrete has been know to the Thai construction industry not too long ago even it has been developed and used for over 50 years in Europe. 

          Dues to lack of knowledge and understanding of the light-weight concrete , at the beginning, not so many people use them.
Later people started using more and more of light-weight concrete.

          For over 2 years, after entering into the light-weight concrete industry, we managed to develop and expend the net-work around country.  Now, we have more than 10 factories all over as shown on shown on the C-Lite net-work.

          We not only manufacture the C-Lite concrete, but also sell the machines and equipments as the C-Lite System for those who want to produce by themselves.  We install the machines, equipments and do the training  for our customers, too.
          Furthermore, we have enquiries from Vietnam, Combodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, and The south of China such as Yaihai  and Xiaman.  Some of abovementioned have been finalized and already shipped.

          The C-Lite is mix design with the ingredients of Port-land cement, fine sand, water, and air bubble.  So we get the homogeneous light-weight concrete with low water absorption and high compressive strength.

          The advantages of using the C-Lite

          - Tremendous weight reduction with about half of the load has gone, So we can reduce the piling column and beam cost up to 30 %

          - Low water absorption which prevents fungus to happen or the  
other side of the wall
          - Easy to fabricate , labor and time saving
          - Fire resistance up to more than 4 hours protection
          - High thermal insulation ( save energy or air-conditioning )
          - Absorb noise
          - Non-toxic
          - Saving the transportation cost

          The C-Lite system can produce lightweight concrete block with various kinds of them e.g. normal block,  The decorative products to attach to the wall with all kinds of texture and the existing wall becomes insulation wall and some decorative products to make out door furniture or even fence, pre-cast panel, cast-in-situ.